Thursday, August 1, 2013


Sometimes we have "episodes"...that's what we call blank spaces is what has currently/recently transpired.

Last night we had one. It's been awhile.

It goes something along the lines of one of said something out loud, that upset James, and then what ensues is...well...last night a lot of crying, among other things, that we won't write about...
|We threatened to leave; we weren't "allowed" to leave the house because of our "fragile mental state".

Everything was fine, the last thing that we remembered was having a conversation about the right way to pronounce the last name of a British actor, and then cut to us making a remark about our birthday as James seemingly angrily put his laptop on the coffee table and went to bed.

We could tell something was wrong. He was angry. We went to bed and irrationally started to cry.

The conversation that ensued is really boring, but in the end we decided to go sleep on the sofa. We were confused, was not sure why he was upset and being so cold.

Later, on the sofa, after some argument we came to find out that one of us had said something mean, and it had upset him. We had no memory of it. None. We freaked out. It's been a long time since this has happened.

Sobbing in his arms, he held us.

Today on the way to work we realized just how much trust goes into a relationship when one person has a "condition" like ours, from our end.

We trust him, in times of confusion, that what he claims has happened is true and accurate. Which, is a feat sometimes, because his short term memory is shit...and ours, usually, is pretty stellar.

Bottom line: People who get into a relationship with those who have Dissociative Identity Disorder, or anyone with a mental health issue, should be mindful of the the kind of trust being laid upon them.

That's why it's always important to be honest and upfront about those kinds of things.
Not everybody is ready for that kind of responsibility.

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