Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's All Good

Our house guest is gone. <sad face>

A buddy, known on Twitter as @iRandumbs (formerly ConfusedLush, Now @DetroitLush), from Detroit, came to stay with us for a week (for our birthday celebration). It's the longest we've ever had a house guest, and it was pretty awesome. We got to make all sorts of food, had lots of laughs, and shared many drinks.

Next weekend we'll be going to the Iowa State Fair with another friend, @Cool_Jesse, who stayed with us a couple of nights in June. James has never been to Iowa before, so it'll be a fun trip.

We've known both of these amazing men for longer than we've known James, and it's been great to get to spend so much time with them this summer. Despite all the negativity Twitter gets, we have found that Twitter is just a good a place to meet people and make friends, as anywhere else. (We also have a new local female friend who we met on Twitter! She shall remain anonymous for the foreseeable future.)

After the fair life will "calm down"...HA! No, we won't really be traveling anymore, or having house guests, because Fall semester starts in just under three weeks. This August, exactly 10 years ago, was when we first started University classes as a "mature student" -  now, with 5 years of higher education under our belt, we're's debatable whether we're less, or more, mature now.

It's going to be a giant challenge...we'll be going to school full time, working part time (until October...and they just offered us extra hours), plus everything else that comes with life, a husband and a house and a 45 minute commute one balancing our mental health. None of these things we have done before without being on medication. No, we're not whining...we're writing through the stress.

We're starting to become very nervous, already stressing about money, paintings that won't be completed in time, and all the extra pressure we'll have.
Not to mention we had to swap out a course for a Public Speaking class...

Public Speaking!?! *sighs heavily* Most of us are not good at standing in front of people and talking...
Thinking about it enough to make us want to wet ourselves.

But, onward and upward, after all...change is good, challenge is good, becoming stronger is good.

It's all good.

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