Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Old Stomping Grounds

This weekend we're going to haunt some old stomping grounds.
Two days in the city we love, the city that we had to leave a year and a half ago.
Two days to wander the sidewalks we used to walk (and dance on) at all hours, the grocery store we used to drink and Tweet in (people who have followed us on Twitter for two years know what we're talking about), the video store we used to listen to our iPod (and dance) in, and the local bar we did all of those things in (listen to our iPod, drinking and Tweeting).
We're also going to listen to our very favourite singer, a woman who used to be our friend. We'll stand in the back of the room, hopefully won't be seen, and be transported.
The great restaurants are simply a footnote, but a big footnote (locally sourced ingredients, from scratch cooking, the stomach dances with excitement)

We ALSO get to see our old friends Fabulous Person and Girl Crush to add to the fun.

The city we love and lived in for seven years will always be home; the neighborhood we lived in at the very end, especially. Despite the life-changing events, the pain experienced is a life we pine for and think about often. It's hard to let go of; painting and writing in our one-bedroom apartment overlooking the busy intersection of the Boho artsy neighborhood of the city; doing work, for an organization, that we felt was important (though was hard, and perhaps detrimental, for some of us, mentally).
It was a place many of us had wanted to be for years.

And now we're here.

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