Sunday, May 2, 2010

A rant on Swine Flu or as my friend Pixie Princess says it "the swines"...

From Chad Dakin wrote: Posted 2009/04/29 at 9:48 AM ET on the CBC website re: 1st swine flu death reported in U.S. as worldwide numbers rise European cases also increasing, 13 confirmed in Canada:
"What's really going on in the world. This must be a distraction from some real news. 13,000 Americans died of TB last year so.......what's this fear mongering really about. Turn off your TVs and live your life free of manipulation and the hijacking of your vital energy and focus. We create what we focus on through consciousness manifesting our unified reality. Focus on fear and we create that reality. Focus on love and in turn that is what is manifested in our reality."
It's called unified consciousness. Don't contribute to this manipulation through fear.
With all the hupla around Swine Flu I bet it's been awhile since they spent entire days reporting on the fiscal state of the economy.
36,000 people died of flu related complication each year; already this year there have been 13,000 deaths from complications related to seasonal flu. On any given week in January of this year there were no less than 800 deaths caused by the flu. This is only based on information from 122 largest cities.
Wash you hands, don't cough into them.
Information on Anti-Bacterial products - and why it'll keep getting worse and bacteria will keep getting stronger
"The problem is clear in evolutionary terms: using antibacterial drugs selectively and with proper controls minimizes the emergence of resistant organisms. But their widespread use for trivial infections or against viruses that are not inhibited by the drugs destroys the sensitive bacteria in hosts and assures that the next infections will be with bacteria that have evolved ways to escape the drugs' action." -
This can plainly be seen in the agricultural industry where new pesticide resistant pests have emerged because they have adapted to the pesticide and are therefore resistant.
I grew up on a farm in the 80's - I was dirty all the time, playing in the barn with the animals and as a kid on a farm washing hands didn't happen as often as it should have. I don't remember being sick more than once or twice (though I certainly remember pretending I was). I have seen some kids who are sick all the time and to no surprise their parents wipe EVERYTHING down with anti-bacterial soaps and liquids - everything including the handles of shopping carts. These are some of the sickest kids I have ever seen and my guess is they will be sick adults b/c their bodies have no been able to build up an immunity to ANYTHING.
Bottom Line: Bacteria exposure strengthens the immune system - not all bacteria is bad.
I could go on and on....and on...but I won't. LOL

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