Monday, May 30, 2016

A Garden Meditation

Today, while weeding the garden, fingers and toes deep in the moist dirt, pulling up the offensive greenery, we could feel the impending thunderstorm in the air. The heaviness, the humidity...just a matter of time. Summer is here, and with it, the glorious thunder and lightning.

And suddenly we thought of Skittles (aka Nettie, aka Annette Ford) and the last time we saw her, when she came to visit for several days, mere months before she passed, when we ran from a prairie storm, and then we chased it with a vehicle, trying to see all the lightening possible, laughing about it all.

It has take this long to fully realize how rare a friend like that is, especially as years pass and age takes its toll; and how it's unlikely we'll ever have a friend like her again. Not that the loss of her wasn't deeply personal, but for so long we'd focused simply on how unfair her passing was, for her family, her husband, her child...she was so young, and the passing [still] unexplained.
Now, three quarters of a year later, we're reflecting on it in different that we're feeling more fully equipped to deal with it in a healthy way.

And from it, this garden mediation, simply came this.

It's a damn shame that it grows so increasingly difficult to find friends who will laugh wildly with you, running from a storm, and then try to catch that same storm with you.
A damn shame that society just isn't equipped anymore, doesn't create or foster the existence of those people as much as it should.
But maybe it never did? Maybe those kinds of people are the true unicorns. And you're lucky to have found a unicorn.

And then, sometimes, life will just take them away.

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