Friday, July 4, 2014


Got a letter saying we made the Dean's List for last semester.
Meaning we were in the top 15% of the students on campus.
There must be some really dumb kids at that university.

Almost all of the books for next semester have been ordered (CHA-CHING!$$).
What are we taking?
Glad you asked!

  • Digital Communications Fundamentals (easy peasy)
  • Popular Culture
  • Social Implications of the Information Society
  • Media Law and Ethics
  • Problems in Political Science
  • Intro to Forensic Science (because of morbid curiosity)

Last semester was 12 credits...this semester will be it goes as will be all year, instead of seasonal. 18 credits PLUS working...
Should be...interesting.

After this coming semester only one more semester to go!

Now for all of those awkward..."what are your plans for after graduation" questions.
At nearly 35 years old...those questions become SUPER awkward. So don't ask.


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