Monday, June 2, 2014

Papillon Nymphe: A Painting [for Cheri]

When an artist friend Cheri suggested we do an art swap when we meet up in Toronto at the end of June, we were nervous.
Nobody, outside of mother, owns any of our paintings (and hers are on loan, really).
Bee Kind
18 x 24
140 lb Cold Pressed Paper
But then she posted this beauty on Facebook ...which we love.
And we told her so...
And then she said this would be ours in the trade. 
How exciting!
But damn.
Now the bar was set.
This past weekend (Thursday afternoon, actually) the painting for trade began and ended (today).

Most of the painting we do tend to nature. Dark and a little on the disturbing side. We didn't want her to hang something like that on her wall. She's so full of optimism that it didn't feel right. So we thought about her, driving back and forth to work the last couple of weeks and had an image. A couple actually. And when we sat down to the easel, it grew and morphed, like so many of our paintings do, and it turned into something that still holds the essence of many of our paintings, but in a new...optimistic way.
It was inspired by her.

Papillon Nymphe
42" x 42"
Acrylic on canvas.

Selected Section Views

For more of our artwork:

Hopefully Cheri likes it and finds it somewhere near an equal trade.

Don't forget to visit Cheri on
Her website:
Or Twitter:
She's super friendly and nice. And she's a real artist (sells her work and everything!)

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