Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Most Mind-Blowing Thing Watched Last Week: The Double Slit Experiment

Not being able to put things into words sucks. And Spring Break has not been conducive to brain relaxation...if anything it's making it itchy.
So, in the interest of being semi-active here, and providing something to consider and/or think about...
Last week in 'That Wednesday Class' part of the discussion was about this...(since the chapter being read was on implications of quantum physics in religion).
Check it out.
If you have a basic understanding of atoms, matter, and a very basic awareness of quantum physics, and have never seen this...your mind will be blown by the the possibilities.
Also, the chapter three reflection that will be posted about a week from now, that we wrote, touches on quantum atoms in a re-defined idea of what God is.
So, anyway...

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