Monday, December 9, 2019

The Last Blog Post

The time has come to officially retire this blog.
It will remain, as is, but there will no longer be new entries.

This blog, started nearly 10 years ago, born out of a need to write for therapeutic purposes...even if at the birth of it that wasn't clear. It evolved into an important outlet to finally deal with lifelong abuse, trauma, and metal health issues.
Over the past few years I haven't written anything new of note (mostly about dead pets and physical health issues), not wanting to harm the people currently in my life, using my Twitter account as my primary outlet for life's many frustrations. As such, this blog went into stasis, the stories of the past several years tucked away for much further in the future, perhaps for an alternative format.

In the meantime this particular space has ran its course. It connected me with myself in very important ways, and with people all over the world, creating a web of supportive amazing people, all of which have healed me as much as I think I can be healed. And I can only hope I have been able to do the fraction of the same for them.

It's time for a new journey, a whole new adventure.

As many of the followers of Twitter have noticed, I have been living in tandem between the Midwest and Los Angeles for about two years now. After much consideration I have decided to start trying to relocate permanently. I don't know how long it's going to take, because I'm attempting to change careers (which actually has nothing to do with the new exciting project I'll tell you about next). Despite allegedly low unemployment, and "great economy", the opportunities that are currently available, in the Midwest as well as Los Angeles, are primarily low wage jobs, and resume submissions for moderate wage employment so far has gone ignored. After talking to many people in the same situation, I will tell you this: it's not a good atmosphere in which to be seeking employment. I never imagined it would be this difficult even with two degrees and years and years of experience. But I digress.

Living in Los Angeles has been an amazing opportunity and experience. I have not felt this at home or as happy, as I am when I am in California, in at least 8 years, despite the shitty and disappointing people I have come to meet and move on from.
The amazing people I now have in my life in Los Angeles, as well as those who have stuck with me online, have helped give me the strength and courage to take the next steps to this new adventure.

I have decided to develop an online community of, and for, people who desire to improve their lives and health through the Keto/low-carb lifestyle - one I have lived for nearly 16 years now and which has utterly changed my life.

Additionally, I am making strides to start a cooking show hopefully to be broadcast on YouTube, finally utilizing my culinary arts degree and cooking skills again in a fun and positive way, to help people learn about cooking from a keto and low carb perspective.
More on that...

⚠ A personal low-carb/keto success story ⚠ - In January 2004 I saw these before pictures and I could not believe my eyes. I had no idea I had gotten that fat. It was a wake up call. I immediately went on Atkins and within 9 months lost almost 100 lbs. It was a life changer. Over the years the weight fluctuated up and down, but I was always able to keep off the first 70 lbs. Due to health issues, stress, and anxiety over the last 2 years it started to swing up again and became difficult to drop the sudden weight gain. So to try something new, I turned to Keto. It felt even better than Atkins. And I ended up losing that extra weight, plus 20 more lbs than the initial 100 all those years before. 120 lbs! And it's still dropping! - This 16 year weight loss journey is now near a fully sustainable end. Always a heavy kid, there's no memory of ever being this lightweight...I probably haven't weighed this little since being TEN YEARS OLD. At 5'11½" 155 lbs is very healthy and people have said the weight loss should stop. Size S tops are too big and I'm now buying pants in sizes 0-4 (varied depending on manufacturer/cut). - I see so many people struggling with health issues due to excess fat and obesity and feel that with the right inspiration and support they could turn their life around. [I have perfect blood work/cholesterol/ blood pressure] - That's why I plan to start a YouTube Keto/Low Carb cooking channel with easy alternatives to traditional SAD (Standard American Diet) meals. And why I created @FUKetoKlub, to help coach, guide & support those on their own weight loss journey. I don't know where any this will end up. My weight loss journey is over, and this is going to be a whole new journey. - So if you're interested in advice, resources, tips, seeking people who understand what you're going through, or want to inspire others with your success, you've got a place with the member of @FUKetoKlub. You can find the group on FB, as well as all over social media where we'll share our stories, pass on & provide resources across multiple platforms, and build a supportive community with connections to ensure a lifetime of health and success. - Thank you for reading! 😊
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This new adventure requires new platform presences to honor this new chapter.
You can find all of the connections to this project - Frankie's United Keto Klub - in the following places:

Social Media:


Website Coming Soon with video, testimonials, information, and blog content!
(Have a keto/low-carb lifestyle success story to share?
Come on over to any of the social media links and let's chat!)

The Facebook Support Community:

All keto/low-carb cooking related content here:
more content here - including ridiculous videos as I attempt to learn to be comfortable in front of a video camera (update: I think I'm comfortable now?)

So that's it. This is the end.

Thank you to everybody who has contributed to this blog over the years as guest contributors. You have been amazing.
Thank you all, dear readers, for the continued support and for continuing to come back to read everything here, some of which has been weird to read.

As the banner of this blog states. This was Our Endeavour at Being Frank. And we are now fully her.