Monday, January 16, 2012

Three Days Of Nerves

Three days and we leave, almost exactly from the writing of this entry, to England. For three months. (At least until early April)

Three days!

What if we forget something? What if we forget to do something? We'l be so far away.

We have to make sure some of James immigration paperwork is in order for when we come back.
We have to put The Mother's name on our bank account so she can easily deposit money when, and if, the house sale is finalized
We need to stall our Mi-Fi service and any other things we might be paying for needlessly not being in our homeland.
We need to make sure we remember all the paperwork we need so we can get back with ease.
Contacts, makeup, birth control pills (because that would be catastrophic).


We know we're forgetting stuff.

We're probably just being silly, right? Or *gasp*
We used to be so much better at this. It's hard to explain some of the functions The Other Girl provided us. We also know to people who don't understand a thing about our disorder, that it's hard to understand. All we can say is imagine part of you has certain skills, and perhaps OCD (mostly germ related though) and control issues (and was good at keeping control), was highly organized (so good at it), a proper adult with all her shit together, some might even describe as anal retentive.

Now imagine that part of you is gone, like a friend that used to perform important functions in your life.

That's how nearly the last year has been for us, and it's not so bad when in one place, other than the forgetting to complete tasks, losing everything, and the general complete lack of control; but when you add foreign travel, a few moves in a small period and lots of change...I'm turning us into a stressy wessy.

It'll be fine, right? *inhales**exhales*

Tonight we have a pseudo-Christmas celebration (
weeks late, we know) Angry Brother will be coming over with his fiancĂ© and "his" children. Calzones and pudding, just like in the old days...that was a joke...and then we'll say goodbye (for now) like we did with The Father and Grandma yesterday.

We'll try to keep writing on the blog until the day we leave, but we have to finish packing, and we have errands to run, which means internet presence will be limited, maybe. Of course after we arrive in England we'll be writing about travel, so we'll be sending a lot of the travel related entries to our other blog
Our Frank Adventures, to keep this one a more personal one for all the non-travel stuff. 

So, until then. *nail biting*.

Our head is a pounding swirl of madness on and off today. It's hard to tell what is going on up there. We don't always know, but it feels like something uncomfortable, and we can't put our finger on it, it's like a sheet has been dropped over it, or a wiggling bag of puppies, we can feel the moving, and know they should be making sounds but we're wearing ear plugs, and 
the earplugs won't come out, and it's making us edgy, like we want to scream out loud.

Probably doesn't make sense to you; James/The Boyfriend asked us to try to explain it, and then suggested we write it down. So there you go. Today, that's what our head feels like.

It makes us think about shooting the puppies.

But tell you what, writing sure helped a great deal.

~ C & C

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  1. Lists help me a great deal. Something to stare at blankly while I try to remember what I'm forgetting.